About NLCC Captain Jackson

About NLCC Captain Jackson

About the Program

NLCC Captain Jackson is a Navy League Cadet Corps where boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 experience adventure and discovery.

Navy League Cadets come from many different backgrounds, but they all share a common interest:
Making Friends and Having Fun!

We meet every Thursday evening, and occasionally on weekends for special activities or trips. Guard and marching band divisions provide optional training, and also meet on Friday evenings.

Our program is based on a naval theme. Cadets are given a chance to try many different activities, in an environment where teamwork and respect are very important. Cadets that do really well can earn promotions and awards.

In everything we do, we promote leadership, responsibility, respect, civic duty, and physical fitness.



Some activities offered to cadets:

  • Boating, sailing, and swimming
  • Camping
  • Sports
  • First Aid
  • Music (marching band)
  • Parades and ceremonies
  • Trips, outings, and camp

Information for Parents/Guardians

Our Programs

The Navy League Cadet Program is committed to developing Canada’s youth through moral guidance and encouragement, as well as mental and physical training designed to develop patriotism, good citizenship, a sense of duty,
self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others, in a modern nautical environment built on sound naval traditions.

Our Volunteers

Navy League Cadets are trained and supervised by skilled and
motivated volunteers. Navy League Officers and Instructors come from many different backgrounds and professions;
however, they all have one thing in common: an interest in developing our nation’s youth.
In addition to each volunteer’s unique background and
skills, all officers and instructors receive training from the Navy League of Canada. This training provides all
instructors with the skills required to work with today’s youth. All
volunteers are carefully screened by the Navy League of
Canada, including personal background checks.

Keep Us in Mind

The Navy League of Canada offers a variety of volunteer
opportunities and we welcome your involvement. Whether you are looking for professional development opportunities, like serving on a
board or committee, becoming a Navy League officer, or simply looking to have fun working with youth, we have an
opportunity just for you.
We are also a Registered Charity and welcome any financial
support you are prepared to offer. Established in 1895, the Navy League of Canada has a strong track record of supporting our
country, our communities, and our youth. This means you can give with the confidence that your money is working to build a
better nation – one child at a time.

About Our Crest

Our crest is based on traditional heraldic designs and is comprised of a sea horse and an anchor on a light blue field, surrounded by a rope braid and surmounted by a royal naval crown. Maple leaves adorn the bottom.

The proper heraldic nomenclature is:

azure an anchor per bend sinister a sea horse vert vigilant (or perhaps rampant) a tressure or“.

The sea horse symbolizes Captain Reginald “Cowboy” Jackson and the power of the water, the anchor represents hope and steadfastness, and the light blue field represents the ocean. The crown represents royal authority, and the maple leaves represent Canada.

In traditional heraldry, the colours also have special significance:

  • Yellow (Gold/Or): Generosity and elevation of the mind
  • Blue (Azure): Truth and loyalty
  • Green (Vert): Hope, joy, and loyalty in love

About our motto

Our corps motto is:

Uma Cum Altero

This is Latin for “Together We Conquer”. NLCC Captain Jackson cadets know what esprit de corps is about!