Fundraising is absolutely essential to offer our cadets an exciting and effective program.

Parents/guardians are expected to participate in fundraising efforts to assist the Calgary Branch in providing the funds to support an enriched and diversified program for the cadets.

Fundraising may include:

  • Bingos: At established bingo halls, selling bingo cards on the floor or coordinating other volunteers. A minimum of 4 bingos is expected of each parent/guardian.
  • Casinos: May be traditional, silent, or “funny money”.
  • Bottle drives: Once or twice a year, usually one weekend day. Cadets, with the help of officers and parents/guardians, distribute flyers mid-week for the weekend collection door to door.
  • Other fundraising as appropriate.

Other fundraising and volunteering opportunities are available if a parent/guardian is unable to participate in one particular type of fundraising. Alternatives can be suggested by the Calgary Branch.

To inquire about fundraising alternatives, or suggest alternatives, please contact the Calgary Branch at

Bingo Fundraising

Bingos are our primary ongoing fundraising activity. Without bingos we would not have the money to help fund the many cadet events throughout the year and provide needed supplies and support. All parents/guardians of RCSCC Undaunted and NLCC Captain Jackson cadets are expected to volunteer for bingo fundraising.

To volunteer, or if you have questions, please check out the bingo schedule .

Community Bottle Drive – 21 March 2015

We need you to sign up to help with this bottle drive.  Even if you have worked more bingo’s than required, we would appreciate your help.  

Currently we have only 2 parents signed up to help tomorrow night and only 3 volunteers for next Tuesday.  We need volunteers on these nights to help distribute flyers to the community around the base.  This activity was planned to be completed between colors and sunset so that you can utilize your waiting time efficiently.  Please SIGNUP HERE so we can capture who is banking their volunteer time for the year.  Flyers and routes can be picked up on the above nights after Colors at the Canteen.

On Saturday, March 21 we will need parent and cadet volunteers to help collect bottles and cans.  Please SIGNUP HERE so we can capture who is banking their volunteer time for the year.  Routes can be picked up at the Canteen at the beginning of the day.  Currently we only have 1 volunteer for the community pickup.

Can’t make it out in the neighborhood around the base?  How about holding your own neighborhood bottle drive.  Easy as 1,2, 3!
1. Borrow a Sign announcing your intent
2. Print flyers and fill in the general information (have them drop donations at your house or leave on their front step, it’s up to you).  Download form here
3. Pickup and deliver the donations on March 21, prior to 3pm.

Too many donations for your vehicle?  Contact the Calgary Branch office and we will arrange a pickup to get the donations collected.