Acting Sub- Lieutenant(NL) F. Fisico

January 25th 2021

I am A/SLT(NL) Fisico. I joined NLCC Captain Jackson when my youngest daughter joined. When I saw how happy she was to attend and how much fun she had, I knew that I really wanted to be a part of it.   The staff were fun-loving, organized, professional, and very welcoming. When my daughter turned 12 she went into another cadet program, but I continued on with Captain Jackson because I really love to teach and build enthusiasm in Cadets. I love to see Cadets succeed in everything they do, from learning Naval terminology to learning how to march, to enjoying what is often for some, their first-weekend camp sleeping away from home.
One of my most memorable experiences with Captain Jackson, other than the recent fun I have teaching online is definitely teaching Mess Dinner Etiquette. In my first year teaching it, I had quite an enthusiastic large group of Cadets. They were great students, listening well and I remember in our last class taking pictures. The pictures I have captured such happy faces, I never want to forget that feeling of having made that happen. I have one of those pictures framed on my wall at home and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. Such positive happy memories!
My advice to a future cadet looking to join The Navy League is that it opens up a new activity, unlike any other club you can join. Here you will make many new friendships outside of your school friends, that may continue on with you to other cadet programs into adulthood. The Navy League program is a stepping stone to those programs...Sea Cadets, Air Cadets, and Army Cadets. Those programs are awesome and will give you great opportunities to enjoy new things and learn new skills. The great thing is that when you have completed the Navy League program, you will be well ahead of the game and on the road to more success. The Navy League program will build your confidence, give you incredible lasting memories and help make you an even better you!