About the Program

NLCC Captain Jackson is a Navy League Cadet Corps where boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 experience adventure and discovery.  Navy League Cadets come from many different backgrounds, but they all share a common interest: Making Friends and Having Fun! *Registration is now CLOSED, for the fall intake. 

We meet every Thursday evening, and occasionally on weekends for special activities or trips. Color Party, Boats Crew and Marching Band divisions provide  optional training, and also meet on Friday evenings. Our program is based on a naval theme. Cadets are given a chance to try many different  activities, in an environment where teamwork and respect are very important. Cadets that do really well can earn promotions and awards. In everything we do, we promote leadership, responsibility, respect, civic duty, and physical fitness.


Some activities offered to cadets:

About Our Crest

The Navy League Cadet Corps “Captain Jackson” adopted its ship’s crest in 1977, at the time the crest was circular similar to HMC Ships/ Bases and Sea Cadet Corps. This crest was used as the corps “unofficial” crest until the early 1990’s when the National Office of The Navy League of Canada sent out a list of Navy League Corps who did not have approved crests on file, the CO and staff worked diligently to correct the crest to the “New” National standard and this is what was submitted to the National Office.

The crest is composed of a seahorse over top of an anchor and is bound by the Navy League of Canada Crest being rope with a modified crown on top.

The two significant items are: In traditional heraldry, the colours also have special significance: In the same year the Corps adopted its motto:

“Una Cum Altero” an expression meaning “Together We Conquer”

On the 29th of January 1992 NLCC Captain Jackson was issued the official approval from the national office of The Navy League of Canada.

You can see both versions of the Corps crest on the bullion board in the Annex Building with the original approval letter.