HMCS Tecumseh Policy

Please be advised that when you enter the HMCS Tecumseh base, you are on a Defence Establishment and subject to all orders, notices and  regulations of being on a Defence Establishment. This applies to all persons including Civilian, Navy League and Military personnel. Everyone entering the main building must present photo identification to the Officer of the Day or any member designated by the Commanding Officer of NLCC Captain Jackson. Anyone without identification will not be permitted access to the building. Everyone is  required to comply with all orders, notices and regulations on base as per Defence Controlled Access Area Regulation and obey directions  of an Officer or other person who is designated as a security guard under this act.

Access to the HMCS Tecumseh Ship, main building, is now restricted to the main front entrance only as per order from the Commanding Officer  of HMCS Tecumseh. Part of this access procedure requires that any person entering the building as a guest must be properly identified and  signed in and out. Unless otherwise authorized, parents are only allowed on the main parade deck for colours and sunset and then must depart  the facility between these times.

We ask that you obey all signs on base including No Parking areas and not parking in Reserved Parking Stalls as indicated by a sign. The safety  and security of the cadets and your safety and security are important and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

HMCS Tecumseh Security Procedures for NLCC Captain Jackson

By Order of Department of National Defence, via CO HMCS Tecumseh.

Access in and out of HMCS Tecumseh Main Building is controlled at all times. Access to the parade deck and the gangway is by the main entrance (brow) only, controlled by the Officer Of the Day when doors to the parade deck or gangway are unlocked.

Doors to the parade deck: When an Officer of the Day is not at the brow, all doors to the parade deck and gangway will be locked. Persons who require access to the  building during these secure times must contact the NLCC Captain Jackson Officer of the Day using the base phone at the brow and follow  directions posted there or by going to the Annex Building and speaking to the Administration Officer. The Officer of the day or Command Team will determine if access to HMCS Tecumseh will be permitted.

Navy League Policies

We follow the policies prescribed by The Navy League of Canada, which include, but are not limited to: For more information please see the Navy League of Canada website

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